Longest cold spell in 10 years : Lucknow


As icy winds show no signs of relenting, the city is witnessing the longest spell of cold with high wind chill factor of winter season, at least in last 10 years.

No relief is likely till Tuesday as weathermen predicted that northwesterly winds coming from snow-fed mountains of Himachal Pradesh will continue to blow in the city.

State Met director JP Gupta said, “Temperatures may rise by a couple of degrees and cold conditions may abate from Wednesday when moist and comparatively warm easterly winds from Bay of Bengal are expected to replace northwesterlies.

“According to weather experts, icy winds with high chill factor were responsible for cold in January which also continues in February which usually witnesses pleasant condition with moderate temperature.

Heavy rain in the city in January and moderate to heavy snowfall at regular intervals in the hills, particularly in Himachal Pradesh, are the main reasons behind chill in the wind. Five strong western disturbances that hit the Himalayas in quick successions in January are responsible for high precipitation and snowfall. Normally, January witnesses 2-3 western disturbances. The northwesterly winds brought chill generated after snowfall in the hills to the plains, including Lucknow, which was already reeling under intense cold because of rain. This kept temperature below normal for the better part of January and made people shiver despite bright sunshine during the day.

Normally, intense cold with high wind chill lasts for 10-15 days in January but this year it continues for 40 days with a couple of breaks of 2-3 days.

Source : TOI


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