Recovery Cash Misused by Lucknow Police Malkhana In charge


Embezzlement of Rs 10 lakh from the Maalkhana (office which deals with the forfeited property in crime cases) of Hazratganj Kotwali has given the top brass of UP police sleepless night.

On Friday, during an inspection the aforesaid cash was found short off at the Maalkhana following with a case for criminal breach of trust was registered against the incharge of the Maalkhana Ashok Kumar Singh. Later the SSP Lucknow ordered to suspend the incharge also and assigned ASP East Suresh Chand Rawat to probe the case.

“The probe in the case was undergoing and we are collecting evidences against the culprit policeman,” the ASP (East) said. He declined to comment if the police recovered the cash from the accused.

The sources said the police recovered Rs 1.5 lakh cash from the accused after he was interrogated by the police officers. “The police officers seemed sympathetic to the errant policeman and gave him time to return the cash instead of pursuing a criminal case against him,’ the source said.

They said the cash was part of the recovery which the police made three months back in different two cases. “The errant policeman used the cash to purchase property for 8 lakh hoping he would adjust the cash after he got the same from one his acquaintance. But he failed to get help from his acquaintance and in the meanwhile his malpractice came to the fore,” they said.

They further disclosed that a man, whose cash was seized by the Hazratganj police sometimes back, was pursuing hotly his case and he moved in the court for the release of his money. “But Ashok had invested the cash in property by then. When the pursuer of the case petitioned his case to senior officials, Ashok returned him the cash. He took cash from the recovery of Rs 70 lakh which was recovered by Hazratganj police a couple of days back. The cash was recovered from the employee of a company owner,” the sources disclosed while explaining how the mal practice of the Mallkhana incharge was exposed.

Police spokesman said SHO Hazratganj lodged a case against Ashok for the fraud under section 406 of IPC. “Ashok could not explain about the shortage of the cash when the total cash recovered was counted amid the presence of senior police officials including ASP East. He was detained and was being interrogated,” he said. He said the police was yet to recover cash from the accused policeman.


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